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Investing is an art. Whether you’re a professional or newbie trader- Fintronix equips you with cutting-edge analytics tools that you need to plan, organize and execute any successful & profitable trading strategy.

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Complete Analysis & Portfolio Management Toolkit

Fintronix makes you available analytical tools & strategies across a range of assets class for better trading insights- making you equipped with profitable trading strategies, real time rates and reliable trading sentiments & signals. See the markets more clearly and find promising opportunities faster than ever before.

Advanced Analytical Tools

Advanced analytical tools helps to discover the market's most promising opportunities.

Trading Sentiments & Signals

You get most reliable trading sentiments & signals on Fintronix platform from industry leading experts.

Analytics for Various Asset Class

Fintronix has hundreds of analytics & info across various asset class at your disposal for better market insight.

Custom Analytics of Financial Data.

Run custom analytics on Fintronix platform for own strategy- set automatic alerts for your unique technical criteria.

Daily Market News

Fintronix provides daily market analysis and commentary from industry-leading technicians.

Trusted by Millions

Fintronix is trusted by millions of investors and traders across the globe for better market analysis and insight.

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Built for the modern investor, Fintronix puts the industry's best technical tools and resources at your fingertips, available online- without need of installing a software. Millions of investors & traders across the globe trust Fintronix for tools and resources they need to get an edge in financial markets.


Analysis, Tools & Resources You Need to Invest Better

Thousands of technical indicators, analytical tools and resources on Forex, Indices, Commodities, Stocks CFDs and Crypto that you require for thoughtful and intelligent trading decisions.

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Technical Analysis

For deciding on a single trade, one has to be precise about entry and exit point of a trade. Fintronix utilizes the benefits of cutting-edge technologies to offer traders detailed information about the levels for trading to make informed trading decisions. Market sentiment analysis helps you see the correlation between long and short positions held by other traders.

Heat Map

Know the market's movers and shakers by Fintronix heat map. You can use it as the market radar to follow price movements and daily trading intelligence. See the biggest up/down market movements, long/short trading opportunities, daily trends, market volatility and other key metrics.

Sentiment Indicator & Forecast

Traders get additional edge in the market by using Fintronix sentiment indicator built from natural language processing & machine learning by scanning news articles around the world. For investors, Fintronix platform provides forecasts for strategies expected return over set time frames using state of the art AI techniques which helps them increase potential gains while reducing potential losses.

Community Ideas & Views

Community ideas and views on market intelligence published by industry-leading experts. Get yourself acquainted with latest news, trends & analysis on financial markets, required for thoughtful and intelligent trading decisions.

Euro is waiting in the wings- Many Bearish Drivers Priced in EUR/USD
Sunny Kumar 07-08-2019

Too many cooks usually spoil the broth. The Fed has been for a long time criticized for the lack of transparency, which resulted in the market confusion.

The Fed’s policy is the most transparent than ever before. But the confusion remains as well. The opinions of the FOMC officials are so divergent that...

Bitcoins in circulation are worth over $295 Billion
Sudhir Chauhan 28-07-2019

Pakistan PM Imran Khan, speaking at a function in the US, said that successive governments in Pakistan did not tell the truth to Washington, adding that there were 4

Fed’s Reasons For The Rate Cut Don’t Seem Convincing The industrial production is not growing, industrial orders are going down, foreign trade efficiency...

Euro is waiting in the wings- Many Bearish Drivers Priced in EUR/USD
prt 24-07-2019

As the title suggests, Bitcoin is on a critical short term path. The 9600 - 10000 zone will decide whether the price will rise to 12000 or extend the decline to 8500

As the title suggests, Bitcoin is on a critical short term path. The 9600 - 10000 zone will decide whether the price will rise to 12000 or extend the...

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